For busy people like you. CasterBiz Leave all effort and time-consuming work to Caster Assistants.

CasterBiz offers the world's best
virtual assistant services.

CasterBiz is a company which offers virtual assistant services. Our virtual assistants cover small tasks that you may have a hard time dealing with such as accounting, human affairs, and secretarial work.

CasterBiz's virtual assistants (Caster Assistants) all possess fundamental skills in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint operation among other required knowledge needed in order to perform basic tasks online. You can easily send your requests by phone, email, Facebook and other means of communication, which will bring about a feeling of having new colleagues.
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CasterBiz offers the world’s best virtual assistant services.

About Service

Unparalleled Speed

Unparalleled Speed
We respond to your request with a speed only found online. Within minutes of receiving your message, we strive to handle your concern on the same day. We are sure to speed up your business affairs.

High Quality

High Quality
Only 1 out of 100 applicants can become Caster assistants. Among the applicants, only the "most excellent individuals" will be selected.

Services Focused in Asia

Unparalleled Speed
You can send requests to your assistant through your smartphone, PC, or any means of communication you use often. No need to use special applications. You can freely send your requests anywhere.

1Exceptionally high quality assistants.

Caster spends an enormous amount of effort selecting the right people. Out of more than 100 interviews conducted every month, only 1 or 2 people will be employed as a Caster assistants. We promise to provide you with exceptional people incomparable to temporary workers or part-time workers.

2No need for extra office space.

Don’t worry about spending additional time or money to make changes in your office, as Caster Assistants work remotely, there is no need a larger office space.

3No need for extra computers.

Caster Assistants are provided with all the office necessities, meaning you won't need to set up computers or install office software packages such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows 7, or any other operating system. High-speed internet connection is also not an issue.

4No need to pay for an employment fee.

You won't need to pay a referral fee or any other employment fees. Simply pay for a CasterBiz plan that is suitable for you.

5Our time-based system prevents losses on your part.

"I want the additional help of half-a-person!" We can answer needs such as this one. "I will leave the routine work to the assistant." "I want to have some extra leeway when I'm busy." Our easy-to-use payment structure can cater to your specific needs.

6There are no mismatches.

You won't experience personnel mismatches or takeover problems, which are common when employing new staff. Because they leave behind work journals, if an assistant does not follow your request, we can have another person take over the job.

User’s Voice

Fellow Mr. Yamaguchi
Lancers, Inc.
President Mr. Yamaguchi

Although our assigned assistant lives in a distant place, since using the services of CasterBiz, we have been able to explore various industries. In order to find a new kind of business, often we need information that is normally hard to find and takes a lot of patience to uncover. We’ve enlisted the help of Caster Assistants many times, and are always pleased with the great information they’ve found. We’d like to use CasterBiz even more, which will allow us focus on the things we need to think about.
Fjord, Llc. Partner Representative Mr. Komagata
Fjord, Llc.
Partner Representative
Mr. Komagata
Basically, we are a company managed only by two people, so routine tasks really take a big bite out of our time. After asking for the help of CasterBiz, whatever task we write on the task management tool gets taken care of automatically. Since crowd-sourcing can now be used for progress management, I wonder to what other tasks they can handle. I look forward to using their services again.
Ms. Ajioka
Ms. Ajioka

As a freelancer working in public relations, I have been able to use CasterBiz for various things as selecting newspaper headings, searching information about the person I'm about to meet, making questionnaires and dining reservations among others. When I tried to request for them make a press release, I was surprised of the exceptional quality of the finished product. For a freelancer, routine tasks that are outside of our core business tend to take lot of time, but thanks to CasterBiz, my workflow has never been this efficient. I'm looking forward to using your services again in the future.

Plans & Pricing

You can ask CasterBiz only the things you want them to do. This does not include waiting time. We will make use of the time required to do only the things you asked us to do.

■ Basic Plan
Trial Plan
$ 0

1-week Contract
Up to 2-hours of work within 1week
For those who want try Caster (available only once for new clients)

Quarter Plan
$ 850.00/mo
3-month Contract
Up to 30 hours of work per month
For those who want a short-term resource supplement

Half Year Plan
$ 699.00/mo
6-month contract
Up to 30 hours of work per month
For those who want to use Caster for a significant amount of time

1 Year Plan
$ 599.00/mo
12-month contract
Up to 30 hours of work per month
For those who want long-term use of our services which feels as if having a regular employee
Full Custom
Please inquire

Negotiable period
Up to 30 hours of work per month
For those who would like to use the service a lot on their own

※ Contract period is from 3 months to 1 year. Please note that fees differ according to the length of the contract period.
※ The actual operating time will be tracked.

[ Area ] Countries in East Asia (excluding China) and Southeast Asia
[ Hours ] JST (Japan Standard Time) 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
SGT (Singapore Standard Time) 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
[ Language ] English and Japanese. Other language is negotiable. Please ask.

■ Option
Holiday+ Option
Starting from
(with chat support tool)
With this option, we will be available on weekends and holidays (9:00 AM to 6:00 PM JST). + additional 10 working hours (per month)
 ※ Option is only available for customers who have subscribe to basic contracts with 30 hours or more.

Steps for Assistant Subscription


Request a consultation

Sign up through the "Request a consultation" on the website. Please send us requests such as, “questions about if 'something' is possible” or "a list of tasks you have a hard time dealing with".


Inquiries regarding tasks you want an virtual assistant to take

We will contact you through phone or email using the details in the “subscription consultation” to confirm the tasks you want CasterBiz to handle.


Service details/ Usage fee confirmation / Billing

We will determine the appropriate service and usage fee based on the details of the inquiry. After the commencement of work, the assigned team will communicate to you while planning the details of particular work. After completing the plan, we will send the bill for the usage fee on the first month depending on the plan you picked.


Nondisclosure Agreement signing/ Confirmation of service commencement date

Confirmation of company-mandated "Nondisclosure Agreement," as well as filling necessary information and signing of the agreement, are required for execution. We will select the appropriate team and introduce them to you. We will perform various setup work for the communication tool before the start of work. Please refer to the Terms of Service for other concerns.


Polishing minor details of the work

The assigned team will plan minor details of the work with you. Allotted time will be provided to get used to communicating online. Time spent communicating with Caster assistants will not be billed, because communicating isn't part of the actual work, so we encourage you to communicate as often as possible. Please consult us if your Caster assistant’s working hours are increased due to long calls, etc.


Start of service

The work can be started after arrangements have been made between your company and the assistant. If there are any points you would like us to change or improve, please feel free to contact Customer Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the things CasterBiz can and cannot do?
A. These are the things CasterBiz cannot do.
- Tasks which require highly specialized knowledge, experience and technology
- Management and project management
- Off-line work
- Things that are legally regulated
- Things which Caster determines that are contrary to public order and morals

Following tasks are what CasterBiz CAN DO and especially good at.

Research and Analytical Work
Recruiting Assistance and Interview Scheduling
Customer Support
Appointment Scheduling
Store Searching and Reservation
Schedule management
Mail Sorting and Replying
Accounting Assistance
Q. How does CasterBiz handle information management?
A. Every assistant has signed the Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) with the CasterBiz. In addition, CasterBiz also enters into a Nondisclosure Agreement with your company. Feel free to send us requests related to work as information obtained in the course of work is protected within a limited environment. For particularly sensitive information, we use an encryption management tool called "Lastpass".
Q. Does the assigned team change for each request?
A. Generally, we assign the same team for each request to deepen the rapport between the team and the client.
Q. What will happen if the person I previously requested has to take some time off from work?
A. In CasterBiz, work is done at fixed intervals within a team. If the person assigned to a work suddenly takes time off, then a person from the same team will take over the job.
Q. I want to ask about the payment
A. The payment should be made beforehand on the first month. Please pay the fee by credit card before starting work. The assistant will start working after the payment confirmation. Future payments should also be made in advance using a credit card.
Q. About the contract unit
A. It is possible to order a contract as an individual or by department. Therefore, multiple people may use the service together. In which case, the total time used by each person will be added and billed together.
Q. Is it possible to make a lump-sum payment?
A. There will be a 5% discount for one-time payments. We highly encourage you to do so.
Q. Are options available?
A. We offer telephone response, weekend response and other types of business related support with respective quotations. Please consult us regarding available options.
Is there anything we can help you with?
Please don't hesitate to contact us.
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