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These are the things that Caster values.

CasterBiz started from the idea of wanting to solve the current predicament of brilliant people working online who have not found suitable jobs. Currently, with the exception of some professions like creative content creation and engineering among others, online jobs, as well as jobs that provide fare wages are severely scarce. If online work was actual work in the cities, a lot of people would be receiving a high salary, but in reality, online work only offers low-paying jobs like data encoding. This poses a problem for both supply and demand.

Supply-wise there is a lack of required knowledge for online work
Demand-wise there is a lack of opportunities for online work

CasterBiz is currently working on these problems by offering the required knowledge and opportunity for online work, as well as setting up an environment that enables easy purchasing. We believe that there are a lot of people who want to work freely without being limited by their current location. CasterBiz is currently working hard to provide appropriate jobs to these people, and we believe we can change their working situation.


Company Name Caster, Inc.
Establishment September 2014
President Shota Nakagawa
Total Disclosed Funding US$427,315
(including capital reserves)
As of September 18, 2015
Location Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 2-6-8 ST Aoyama 601 Room No.
Business domain Providing virtual assistant service called "CasterBiz"


Shota Nakagawa

Shota Nakagawa

Born on June 1986, Shota Nakagawa left the Department of Economics of Nihon University. While in school, he received a high salary through his part-time work in telephone appointments, and opened a second-hand clothes shop at the age of 20 through a friend's referral. Unfortunately, the shop did not prosper and it had to shut down. After which, he was employed in Opt, Inc., an Internet advertising firm. After being transferred to Soldout, Inc. through a corporate venture, he retired to Osaka in 2012. He worked as a pioneer employee in the Osaka office of E-guardian, Inc. and was mainly in charge of social media-related work. As a social risk specialist, he often appear as a guest in various TV media outlets. During this time, he was introduced to crowdsourcing when he was reassigned to the business planning department, which handles new businesses. Seeing the potential in crowdsourcing and in online worker development in the Japanese market, he decided to start his very own business. On September 2014, Caster, Inc. was established.